Keep those pocketbooks close, gentlemen; there’s a new luxury flask that’s taken the web by storm and you’re going to have to save for it. Known for their superior single malt whiskies, The Macallan know how important it is to never lose a drop of fine liquor so they took it upon themselves to team up with Oakley to create one of the most durable flasks ever.

“To preserve taste and conserve the finely tuned The Macallan distillery process, The Flask has gone through extraordinarily exacting regimens and processes to ensure the exquisite taste of the single malt is maintained,” read the press release sent out late this week. “The inner flask, laser welded and made of food grade steel is wrapped in carbon fibre composite as well as treated to an intensive passivation and electro-polishing procedure to ensure perfection. Clad in black anodized 5-axis machined aerospace grade Aluminium, the sophisticated mechanics of The Flask are unparalleled.”

Obviously, collaborating with a brand like Oakley means there’s an extreme element involved. To test the strength of The Flask’s multiple layers of carbon fiber and matte black aluminum, they tied it onto a slew of beefed-up cars to see if it held up under the most insane circumstances. We’re sure you won’t be pulling your $910 indestructible flask around by your car, but hey, we’re not ones to judge.

For more info on The Flask click here; for the most insane product demonstration, check out the video below.