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Exit Clear

Meet Bugatti’s Stunning New Vision Gran Turismo concept



Usually, the virtual creations proffered up by car manufacturers for the Vision Gran Turismo series are built for PlayStation’s iconic racing simulator, and are far from material reality. The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, however, is distinctly more production car teaser than fantasy concept.

What you’re looking at is not exactly the highly anticipated follow-up to Bugatti’s Veyron 16.4, their physics-defying, completely sold-out supercar. But the virtual creation will have its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, where the French carmaker will reportedly unveil full-size version they’ve built for September’s event.

This model appears visually similar to both the Veyron and the old Chiron concept. Like the Veyron, it’s powered by a 16 cylinder, quad turbo engine. The interior looks a lot like Audi’s virtual cockpit and most other buttons or controls are absent.

Although this elegant beast will be relegated only to PlayStations races for now, Bugatti’s attempt to stick closer to reality has fans speculating the design might indeed hint at what they can expect from the Veyron’s replacement. Said replacement is expected to cost a pretty $2.7 million—but won’t be available for a few years, which gives you plenty of time to work for it.

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