Teachers often gave rules that seemed nonsensical as a kid. Why do am I required to hold hands with the kid with the smelly jacket? Because of pedophiles, that’s why! Redditors mused on some other silly rules they followed as children.

1. die53l23

We were told not to stand in circles at recess because it looked like we were a gang, and some of the teachers “feared for their lives.”

2. Gingerfeld

"No Hugging.”

3. pablothebear

As a public school teacher, we have what is referred to as “desk warming” where we have to come in to school during vacation time to literally sit at our desks. The students are gone, nothing is going on. Our contracts only give a limited amount of vacation time so when our vacation time is up, we must be back in school…students or not.

4. RepeatedLocket

We had chairs in our schools for $2000, but they were so expensive that we weren’t allowed to sit in them for a year after they were bought

5. Sexual_Horseradish

So I had to leave school early for a cross country meet, missing gym. Because I missed gym, I had to make it up after school one day so I missed cross country practice. The makeup gym class was to walk a mile. So I missed walking a mile in order to run about 3 miles as fast as I can, and because of that, they made me walk that one mile instead of running 5 miles at practice the day after.

6. disgustipate

I went to a private Baptist school my freshman year of high school. Whenever we had an assembly and it was time to clap our hands for someone who had just spoken or performed, we would have to all clap our hands in unison. It would be led by the bat shit crazy pastor’s wife. She felt normal clapping was too chaotic.

7. GandalftheGay

They banned Google at my high school because it was apparently “giving the computers viruses.” Oh, but Bing; yeah that was fine.

8. maeEast

Elementary school. Our toilets kept getting clogged, so the teachers thought the best response was to limit students to three squares of toilet people per bathroom trip. Fixed the clogging problem, and instead they had a bunch of first through fifth graders with swamp ass running around.

9. capomatrice

Guys in my middle school were not allowed to wear pink as it was feared to be gang related.

10. arkmtech

My 3rd grade teacher discovered 10 year old me drawing in a spare spiral-notebook I had. She snatches it and proceeds to tear out ~80 pages of drawings, then folds them in half and says "We don’t DRAW on lined paper.” with a stern look, shortly before depositing them in the garbage can behind her desk.

11. partialtodreamers

My mother used to hate the word fart, so when we were growing up she would make us say “excuse me, I pooped” instead. I have always thought that sounds much worse.

12. lostcow1234

No backpacks allowed at school.

13. billupbanks

Kid found a knife at school, turned it in to the teacher, and was suspended with the possibility of being expelled. Because the school has a ‘strict’ “no weapons” rule.

14. GuyForgett

Periods (as in, the single dots we put at the end of a sentence “.” ) must be italicized.

15. DameJudiDench

We weren’t allowed to go to a movie theater because that was just asking to get molested.