If you find yourself having one of these type of heated discussions, there may be a deeper-rooted issue that needs to be addressed. Reddit users have compiled a long list of the dumbest debates they’ve had with friends, family and significant others; here are some of the best.

1. The Unrealistic Hypothetical

Recently had an argument about how we would furnish the non-existent, hypothetical, 8-bedroom mansion we would live in if we were billionaires.

2. Over vs. Under

My college roommate and I didn’t speak for three weeks because of an argument regarding toilet paper roll placement. It started off as a discussion, then an argument, then to the point where he called my sister a whore and I broke his wrist.

3. World’s Best Parent

Someone told me “My dad is better than your dad”, when my dad was clearly the superior one.

4. My Left or Yours

When I was six my friend and I stood facing each other, arguing about which hand was your left, and which was your right. It took us about five minutes to realize that, when standing opposite someone, your left side is their right.

5. Gardening Woes

My wife and I got into a screaming match because our broccoli wasn’t growing as well as we thought it should, and clearly it was the other person’s fault.

6. White is to Black as Dolphin is to…

A woman I used to work with at a UNIVERSITY got into an argument with me because she didn’t believe that the different races of HUMANS were, in fact, the same species. Her final argument? “You’re wrong, it’s like Whites and Native Americans are just like fish and dolphins - they’re both in the ocean, but not the same species. Now do you get it?”

7. Comparing Apples to Oranges

Fighting with my brother about which fruit would win if they were sentient and could fight.

8. Bodily Fun-ctions

My colleague and I spent half a day trying to decide what would be best: Burp confetti or fart glitter.

9. Bodies of Water

That lake water is wetter then pool water.

10. Don’t Mess with Frozen Food

I once got headbutted during an argument about Aunt Bessie’s Frozen Yorkshire Puddings.

11. They Both Were Painters

That the Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo DiCaprio.

12. Cash or Credit?

I had a very lengthy debate about whether or not you get receipts with abortions. Neither of us were in any form of relationship or pregnancy scare, and both of us were men.

13. Who did it best?

I once saw two guys in a mall arguing who had a better ostrich impression.

14. A Very Important Meal

A yelling argument about where to go lunch that ended with my girlfriend at the time crying in bathtub saying, “All I wanted was tacos.”