From blown tires to locked shift gears, people have done some pretty stupid things to their vehicles. Unfortunately not all of these problems can be fixed by a local mechanic and a new car is in order. Despite the small headache these may have caused an auto shop employee, at least it can still give us a good laugh at the end of the day.

This person went 84,000 miles without an oil change.

“Just an oil change please,” despite a broken tire.

May God help the mechanic destroy this evil car demon.

The asphalt truck always wins.
They tried everything they could, but their home-remedy wouldn’t work.
Hopefully the mechanics could fix that “leak.”
If duct-tape won’t work, zip ties definitely will.

Seafoam and expanding foam aren’t the same.
Isn’t the exhaust suppose to be quiet?
She used every plug she could find to mend her blown tire.
At least no one can steal this car now.
Who needs traction when you can slide to work?
Hopefully the customer can resist eating the burrito.
They went in because their car was making a bizarre bell noise.
The customer swore it was only “basil.”

Via Ebaumsworld