If you’ve noticed dudes on vintage Nortons or lowslung Honda CBs tearing up the road in style, you can thank the motorcycle-obsessed rockers of 1960s London. These working-class gearheads were known for racing from café to café, which earned them the nickname café racers. Favoring stripped-down bikes, trim leather jackets and rockabilly music, these riders spawned a look that’s being revived by fashion brands both stateside and across the pond. Functional, classic and with a slight British accent, it’s an aesthetic that still feels modern. To complete the look, a motorcycle is recommended but not required.

A Glove Supreme, $72
Ventura, California–based Iron and Resin’s riding gloves are double padded and made in America from deerskin.

Get Jacked, $269
Pay homage to the café racer British biking heritage with Barbour’s waxed cotton and leather Ursula Union Jack backpack.

Specs Appeal, $150
The Club-master Classic by Ray-Ban has a vintage midcentury vibe that will perfectly match your ride.

Boot Up, $300
A new collaboration between shoemaker Clarks and motorcycle brand Norton created this tough and technical biker boot.

Leather Underground, $1,295
The Olivers Mount blouson jacket from British fashion house Belstaff is superstylish and meets European CE safety standards.