The bad-guys-are-kinda-good-guys ensemble flick Suicide Squad is undergoing reshoots because it’s not funny enough, which is ironic given the presence of The Joker. There’s never been such an obvious time that humor was necessary in superhero adaptations, given that the violent screwball masterpiece that is Deadpool is now the highest-grossing R-rated film and the highest-grossing X-Men movie while Snyder’s ultra-serious Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped 81% at the box office in its second week.

Here’s the rundown according to Birth. Movies. Death., which claims that, according to one source, “every joke in the movie is in that trailer.” That is not good. That is almost never good.

I have since spoken to more sources and I understand that the reshoots are happening right now, as recently as this week, and that they’re big – tens of millions of dollars big. And they’re adding more humor and lightness into the film.

This, to me, is great news. Hearing that WB is aware that they need to inject some fun into these movies – and that’s what I’m hearing is happening here, not that they’re inserting jokes left and right but that they’re beefing up fun character moments and interactions – can only mean good things for the future of the DC Movieverse after the deadly serious, zero fun Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Marvel seems to get it, but DC so far hasn’t figured out secure footing with its on-screen Extended Universe. The argument can be made that DC’s always had a more stoic narrative than Marvel, but we’re only two movies in (Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) and it’s not looking great. Eeven the real-world approach of predecessor Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy padded its grim with mirth. Lighten up, DC. Why so serious?