Obviously, the most exciting trailer to come out this week was the first look at Key & Peele’s action-comedy Keanu, but that’s not the only game in town. We’ve also got a new, bonkers look at DC Comics’ Suicide Squad. Also a fun-looking Vince Vaughn thriller, Patrick Stewart with a terrifying American accent and more.

Check out some of hottest trailers of the week below.

SUICIDE SQUAD Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the biggest superhero release coming from Warner Bros. Pictures this year, but it’s not alone. We’re also getting Suicide Squad, a film about a group of supervillains who are forced to work as government patsies on covert missions. We’ve already seen a trailer, but the second look provides us with a very different tone. Now it feels like the DC Comics version of Guardians of the Galaxy.

GREEN ROOM Writer/director Jeremy Saulnier broke out in a big way three years ago with the festival hit Blue Ruin, and now he’s back with his next grim thriller, about a murder during a punk concert and the consequences that follow. This trailer gives us nothing in the way of plot, but it’s fool of intense images, and it features Patrick Stewart being dark in a way that we rarely see from him. Sign me up.
THE BOY The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan gets her shot at movie stardom thanks to this horror film, in which she’s hired to babysit a beloved child who’s actually just a creepy doll that delusional, grieving parents are clinging to. Of course, this is a horror movie, so the creepy doll is definitely more than just a doll.
TERM LIFE Vince Vaughn tried to make his big drama break with True Detective Season 2, and it… didn’t quite work. Now, he gets another chance thanks to this film about a heist expert who suddenly finds himself hunted by everyone from drug dealers to crooked cops. Certain things about this flick feel very generic to me, but…look at that cast. I’ll watch Jonathan Banks in anything, but when you also throw in Bill Paxton, Taraji P. Henson, and Shea Whigham, and I’m even more intrigued.
BACKTRACK Adrien Brody stars in this thriller as a psychologist specializing in amnesia patients…only they’re not patients, they’re ghosts. When he realizes this, he has to dig deep into his own psyche to uncover his own repressed memories. I like thrillers with a high-concept hook, I like Sam Neill, and I like ghost stories. I hope this one works.