Apparel companies drop new collections at such a rapid clip that they’re bound to eventually run out of brands to partner with and celebrities to steal cues from, which is why you’ll occasionally end up with something like this Vladimir Putin-inspired luxury leather jacket. The men’s fashion brand Suitsupply hasn’t looked to shady foreign leaders for ideas (yet), but their latest line still channels some unsavory characters: 1980s yuppies.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Black Monday—one of many Black Mondays in our nation’s history, but this is the one in 1987, when global stock markets crashed and the Dow Jones fell 22.6 percent—Suitsupply is celebrating the return of the young urban professional, much like the kind of dapper Wall Street workers who contributed to and emerged relatively unscathed from that financial calamity. The new collection celebrates perhaps the two most iconic yuppies from the era: Patrick Bateman (as portrayed by Christian Bale in American Psycho) and Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas in Wall Street).

Disregard the obvious blemishes on both men’s resumés—some corporate espionage here, a few murders there—and focus on their undeniable style. Gekko dazzled in tailored suits, flamboyant shirts, striped suspenders, and flashy accessories. Meanwhile, Bateman followed suit, but also threw on a blood-proof, transparent raincoat when it came time for killin’.

You can emulate both characters’ looks with various threads in the Jort Collection—so named for Suitsupply’s sartorial historian, Jort Kelder—such as the aforementioned raincoat ($499), grey striped wool suit ($999), slim-fit tuxedo shirt ($199), and leather gloves ($69), among other accoutrements. Just don’t listen to any Huey Lewis when you wear them, OK?