If this summer is anything like the two summers past, Moscow Mules (vodka, ginger beer and lime juice) are going to be huge. Also huge? The icy, copper mugs the cocktail is usually served in. Those mugs are so popular, in fact, that they now come in a party-friendly shot-glass size. (Related: Shot-glass sized Mason Jars.) The three-inch-tall Old Kentucky Moscow Mule Shot Mug is made of solid copper, lacquered to resist tarnishing and then hammered to add a rustic charm. You can’t fit much liquid in there, but rest assured that the mini mug will stay cold for many shots to come.

Buy one from HighFashionHome.com for $8.

Alyson Sheppard is the resident hangover specialist at Playboy.com. Follow her on Twitter: @amshep