Style is gastronomy for the eye and one of the best ways to spice up your look this summer is to invest in some expertly curated statement pieces. While there’s no lack of loud, logo-drenched menswear today, finding pieces that say a lot without begging for attention requires a more subtle understanding of what makes clothes interesting to wear. To nail the look, you want to start noticing pattern, color and texture and let nuances of those things drive your vision.

As a general rule of thumb, a great statement piece is best admired from across the table, not noticed from across the street. Like always, it’s all about harmonizing bold elements with toned down basics to achieve a perfectly balanced, yet totally flavorful look. Read on as we highlight 5 swagged out statement pieces any dude can pull off this summer.

When it comes to finding a swanky blazer with some low-key pop, seek out pieces with small repeating patterns, like this incredibly comfortable and totally chic micro dot blazer from Italian master tailors Incotex. Color-wise, go with something in navy or grey and just let the nuance of the pattern do all the talking. Another pro-tip: Look for jackets with patched (rounded) pockets, which read more casual and perfectly match the laid-back vibe you are going for.

It’s wild to think that sneakers from the late ‘80s and early '90s would still be turning heads today, but thanks to the now-iconic designs of Nike design guru Tinker Hatfield, a pair of retro trainers from the first golden era of pumped up kicks will always look hot. For our money, there’s no better attention grabber than 1990’s Andre Agassi-endorsed Air Tech Challenge 2, colloquially known to sneakerheads as the “hot lavas” for their screaming pink accents. These go great with a monochromatic all white or all black (or grey) looks, by the way.

One of the pleasurable ironies of wearing camo shorts as a statement piece is that you will definitely not blend in while rocking a pair, and that’s a good thing. This season, expand your horizons by going beyond the traditional green/brown/black colorways and explore lighter, more summer appropriate tones with accents of sand, khaki and cream. Paired with a clean white tee and some fresh kicks, this is a dope, totally of the moment skate-inspired look any dude can pull off.

All over print tees are definitely a thing right now. Instead of paying good money for a reproduction of a classic '90s design, we recommend digging on eBay and searching out the genuine article. Not only will the quality be better (almost all t-shirts were still made in the USA back then), the hand of the shirt will be perfect from years of gentle wear. Also, you already knew this, but, when sporting an all over print, you want the rest of your outfit to be super neutral. White sneakers and chinos work great.

Indulge your inner dandy with a pair of brightly patterned socks. At first pass, your grey suit with perfectly polished black shoes will read as totally professional, but finishing off your look with some swanky socks will let colleagues and friends alike know that you can also get real freaky-deaky too. Classic shapes like diamonds and stripes are always a good look, as are patterns like paisley or 3-D cubes. And if you’re stuck on a color, purples and blues will match anything you own.