When summer comes, it’s time to hurl your Blackberry into the dust and hit the road Easy Rider style. We’ve driven everything new; here’s the best of the latest crop of convertibles.

Cheap date: Chrysler’s 200, essentially the Sebring restyled and improved, will run you about $27,000—a pleasant runabout to keep in the garage at your bungalow by the beach.

Party like it’s 1969: Chevrolet has released its much anticipated new convertible Camaro. Its base price of $29,275 will get you the 312-horsepower V6, but for about 10 grand more you’ll get a 426 hp V8 that’ll eat up the road.

Top of this summer’s top-downs: BMW’s 650i convertible is the perfect luxury grand tourer ($91,365; zero-60 in 4.9 seconds). The subtle styling (shark-nosed front clip, raked windscreen, well-defined shoulders) mates beautifully with the 400 hp twin-turbo V8. Nipping along at an effortless 100 miles an hour near San José del Cabo, Mexico, the 650i felt like an aggressive woman in our hands—unafraid, wanting more. All the requisite tech is available, and the soft top folds easily in 19 seconds. The “winged wonder” 635CSi of the 1970s is now a collector’s item; this latest iteration more than lives up to its legacy.