What’s your favorite Instagram filter? Mine is Nashville, I think, mostly because it makes my photos look vintage and old-school and kinda like a creamsicle. Also, it’s the very last filter option in the app and I don’t feel like scrolling back through the others because I’m tired and I want those likes to start rolling in now so fuck it, Nashville will do. Sierra is pretty chill, too.

Whatever your go-to filter, it undoubtedly makes your photos look more interesting. And now a new line of sunglasses aims to do the same thing—for your LIFE. Tens are photographer-developed shades with custom filter lenses that add an “uplifting” tint, so that your “everyday life will look and feel ten times better,” according to the founders.

Regular sunglasses work by blocking out the sun with cold, desaturated lens tints. But Tens actually use the warmth of the sun to show you how bright and beautiful the world should look, the founders say—all while offering full UV400 protection and completely shielding your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

Tens just launched its 2017 line of shades, which the founders call “our finest collection yet.” Each frame is made with optical-grade Italian acetate and completed with gold detailing. Get a leg up on preorders and find your perfect summer style at Kickstarter.