Scroll through your Instagram feed and you might see lots of beautiful women holding products like weight-loss tea, a juice cleanse or maybe wearing a waist-trainer–anything a marketer thinks you’d be willing to buy and try. Sex sells. We all know this. And Insta-models are smart to monetize their sexinesss. They should capitalize on all the attention they receive.

But everyone’s pitching something now. So what’s the next step in making money off a hot social account?

Enter the new app Supe, which was created by Rise Applications. There’s not much about the company online, other than that it’s an offshore holding company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, and it needs a copy editor.

Supe is the new spot where the sexiness is going down…but for a price.

The app is essentially a peep show. You pay to view “premium content” from Insta-models and adult film stars.

How does it work?

Once you download the free app there are in-app purchases. You must buy coins that you use to pay the creators to view their content. The entry level is 2,375 coins for $4.99. There are incremental levels until you reach the top tier of 52,500 coins for $99.99.

What do these coins buy you?

After I exchanged some hard-earned American dollars for coins, I checked some “premium content.” It’s definitely risque. It’s very sexy. It feels like someone is FaceTiming you from their bedroom and just being sexy af, for about 15 seconds. That’s the average length of a video. And the average cost for that sort of premium content is 1,000 coins.

How much money is 1,000 coins?

2,375 coins costs $4.99, which is such an odd rate that it makes it hard to do the math in your head, and that seems on purpose. Your 1,000 coins is $2.10 in real money. Basically, you’re spending two bucks for 15 seconds of sexiness. But each creator sets their own prices for their content. And the sexier a vid is, the more it costs. Also, models often offer a few free taste test vids to get you hooked.

Do you own the content you purchase?

No. It’s like leasing. The content on Supe is officially prohibited from being downloaded, screen-shotted or copied. But there’s very little to stop you other than the community guidelines, your lack of tech savvy or your own discretion. You’re only able to view the content in the Supe app. And the premium content you buy has a viewing window (usually 24 hours) that indicates how long your purchased content is available for you to watch and rewatch.

Why is it worth it?

Although Supe makes it explicitly clear in its community guidelines that it does not condone pornography, the app, just like the Supreme Court of the United States, doesn’t define what pornography is, exactly.

There is a clear difference between nudity and pornography. We are not going to define that here as we think you’re smart enough to figure it out ;).

It’s designated as a 17+ app, so that the big app stores will offer it. Yet, the app-makers are taking a very lenient view of what is or isn’t pornography or offensive content. As stated in the community guidelines:


Give people a camera and a way to charge for pictures and that must mean adult content right? Wrong. We are a 17+ app which means unlike the big social networks and messaging apps our target market is grown-ups like you and I. That means we are not available to kids however…

There is no need to take off your clothes to make engaging content people will pay to see! Your personality is key to engagement on social media and will give you a much more long term and loyal follower base. If you do feel compelled to offer nudity to your followers, then please observe the following rules.

So, Nudity’s Cool, or Nah?

Here are its very few rules to give you a sense of where Supe lightly traces the line of indecency:

Don’t take off your underwear. Visible underwear line at all times please! No full screen naked buttocks!

Generally try to cover your nipples with your hands. If you do show them do it in an artistic / fun and none pornographic way and try not to show them on every single message you send!

Never engage in sexual activity, personal or with others.

If you’re wondering how strictly the app plans to police such content, this is the standard it set in the Terms and Conditions:

We assume no responsibility or obligation to screen User Content or to monitor Supe for inappropriate User Content.

You know what that means: there’s now a NSFW peep show app.

But, hey, be mindful of your digital wallet. Those in-app purchases of coins are just like when a casino hands you chips so you’re not thinking about money and instead you keep placing bets.