When a Manhattan financial analyst’s underwear started to go missing from her apartment, she decided to take matters into her own hands and find the culprit. Using a hidden iPhone camera, Ashley Chase caught her building’s super sneaking into her apartment and sniffing (and stealing) her lingerie.

The disturbing video allegedly shows José Cedillo, 32, entering Chase’s apartment and engaging in very creepy behavior. “I don’t want to think what he was doing, but everyone has theories — and I’m sure not good,” Chase tells The Post.

Chase first thought something was wrong when she couldn’t locate a purple lace bra she knew should be in her apartment. Suspecting the thief was someone with access to her apartment, she borrowed an old iPhone and installed an app that activates the phone’s video camera when it senses motion.

In September, her hidden camera was activated and allegedly shows her super sniffing her underwear. She subsequently called the cops and Cedillo was arrested for burglary as a sexually motivated felony and petit larceny.

H/T New York Post