Under normal circumstances, Spelunky is a tough game. Players delve into underground caves filled with angry animals and monsters, filled with traps, where everything is deadly. It’s very easy to get killed, and the game randomizes its levels so that every time you pick it up it’s set to peak lethality.

But some dedicated players have mastered Spelunky, such that even its later levels, filled with yetis, aliens, Aztec sacrifices and Egyptian death gods, don’t phase them. These players set their own challenges, and this might be the most challenging challenge of them all: no killing, and no money.

YouTuber krille72 accomplished such a feat, publishing this video of a “true pacifist no gold” run of Spelunky after the game’s creator, Derek Yu, mentioned the idea of someone attempting the ridiculous fool’s errand during Awesome Games Done Quick, a weeklong speedrunning event for charity. Where most players choose to use items like bombs and whips to take out the creatures that would kill them, krille72’s pacifist run means they’re not responsible for any enemies’ deaths—baddies can only be killed incidentally by things like traps or other creatures. The “no gold” part means that not only can krille72 not use the game’s systems to buy items, the vast amounts of gold just lying around caves can’t be touched, which adds a whole new dimension of junk to avoid as he jumps around the game, working not to get murdered.

The whole run is full of crazy careful play as krille72 expertly games the game. It makes even a venture through Hell look calm.

Via Kotaku