Super Mario Run isn’t Nintendo’s first mobile game; that honor belongs to the misguided quiz app Miitomo. But it might be the first Nintendo phone game that’s actually worth jumping into, and today Nintendo announced its release date—December 15.

The game is a “runner"—a genre that sprung up on phones starting about seven years ago, where your character runs automatically across the screen and you simply tap to jump over obstacles and enemies. This simplicity lends itself well to the platform, where people often play for a few moments at a time on the go.

It’s a big deal for Nintendo to be making any phone games at all, since the company has historically stuck almost 100 percent to its own hardware (like the Wii and 3DS) for game releases. While critics have for years pointed out how well Nintendo games could sell on other platforms, this is a new adventure for the company, and expectations are all over the map.

We’ll see in a month whether Mario can handle the transition. Super Mario Run will release on iPhones and iPads first for ten bucks (with some sample levels available for free) and on Android some time in 2017.

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