Super Mario Run, the historic new Nintendo game for mobile devices, hit the App store earlier today. The title had long been anticipated by Nintendo fans; a side-scroller Mario game designed for the IPhone would seemed impossible concept to screw up. Still, some Twitter users are insistent that Nintendo has indeed managed to blow it.

At first, all was quiet on the Twittersphere. Countless gamers lay in wait for the game—including none other than Academy Award-winning actress Brie Larson.

As the game debuted, around 11 a.m. PST, things began to sour. Livid tweets began to flood out of Twitter, almost all of them involving the 10-dollar price tag the game demands beyond the first world. Companies such as Electronic Arts have routinely made micro-transactions and pay-to-win games more prevalent in the industry. Many of the tweets came from gamers frustrated at how even Nintendo is susceptible to the same perceived greed.

Now let’s enjoy some of the Mario-inspired GIFs, memes and jabs:

Although frustrations are high now, they are likely to subside. As some above tweets indicate, the game’s quality might warrant some kind of price tag. Only time will tell if the game is good enough for us to cough up 10 bucks.

Honestly, it’s already a less annoying trend than Pokémon Go.