Video games can be made to do some really weird things. Players have been known to dig into the computer code of games to get them to do crazy things or turn them into something entirely new. But with the right series of glitches, it’s possible to hack a game just by playing it, by tricking the software involved into translating game moves into code.

It’s confusing as hell to regular folk, but YouTuber Seth Bling managed to do just that in Super Mario World on Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System. By executing a series of glitches very carefully, Bling was able to use very precise Mario movements to actually write a bunch of new code into the game. That code? The mobile sensation Flappy Bird.

Bling explains the ins and outs in a somewhat easy to follow way in the video above, but the gist is this: While computers have been used to do this kind of glitchy hacking of a game before through precise button inputs, Bling did the same using only his thumbs and insane Mario skills. Apart from that is just the level of intimate knowledge and careful execution required to convince a video game to turn itself into another video game, mostly by making Yoshi eat red shells.

The whole hack was also livestreamed, so you can watch the full 90 minutes of Bling carefully pulling this off below.

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Via Kotaku