Video games are a sort of virtual uncharted territory, with accomplishments that only present themselves after years, decades, of play. Sometimes those accomplishments could be a speed run of a game never thought possible. Sometimes a glitch that enables hilarious results. This time it’s Mario sliding down some stairs to kill a ghost in Super Mario World. If you’re thinking ‘What’s the big deal,’ that only tells us that you haven’t gotten taken out by the Big Boo countless times.

Twitter user @somecallmejon discovered this maneuver, which everyone wishes they had 20 years ago.

Beyond just the Big Boo, the maneuver can also be employed to take out other heretofore indestructible enemies.

As an added element, you can actually kill the element of fire by using Mario’s squirrel suit. Only in videogames is a sentence like the one previous possible.

This whole development just goes to show how complex and deep the video game experience is. For even as simple a game as Super Mario World is, it possesses a few hidden surprises. Whether intended or not, it doesn’t matter; it’s just the magic of video games at work.