While Nintendo has added a whole mess of non-Nintendo characters to its mascot-based Super Smash Bros. fighting game series over the years, one character that’s never made it is Goku, Dragon Ball Z’s tail-sporting energy building super-strong super saiyan fighting machine. If you don’t understand what that means, just know that he would be right at home in a game sporting a plumber, a dinosaur, an anthropomorphic gorilla and whatever Kirby is supposed to be.

A fan of Smash Bros. and Dragon Ball Z has corrected this Goku-less oversight. Modder KevinTheH threw Goku’s skin on top of the programming for Super Smash Bros. Wii U character Ryu.

Ryu is a fireball-throwing character from the Street Fighter series (one of those non-Nintendo properties), and packs a set of moves that are similar to what Goku would probably offer, so it’s a mod that looks fairly accurate. If KevinTheH wanted to make it really accurate, though, the mod would include whole matches consisting only of Goku’s inner monologue as he stands still “gathering power.”

Via Destructoid