To the surprise of nobody, frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cleaned up and won seven out of twelve states each on Super Tuesday. However, once the results mostly splashed in, and the Internet made much fuss over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s apparent shellshock as he stood beside Trump, one other fact became clear.

Though the winners of the Democrat and Republican presidential nominations may be as we predict, that doesn’t mean we won’t see a lot of chaotic fun in the meantime. If by fun, you mean Trump and Clinton eventually spar in front of a queasy, tearful nation. But for now the overstuffed insanity continues.

Neither Sen. Marco Rubio nor Sen. Ted Cruz seem interested in throwing in the towel just yet. Rubio won his very first state, and Cruz got his second and third. Cruz won another 209 delegates, so he might be feeling good, and some anti-Trumpers are starting to think he could save them. Rubio can clutch Minnesota when he sleeps at night, and that’s something, but it’s a lot less of the something than the neocons and mainstream GOPers expected of him.

Bernie Sanders is still plugging along, having won four states and 386 more delegates. His days may be numbered, however. The so-called superdelegates will probably spell his doom at the Democrat Convention if not long before. Clinton won this before it started. Sanders is mostly here to be the yelly philosopher teaching “Why The Hell Do We Have So Much Student Debt in America? 101”.

Gov. John Kasich refuses to move until he loses his home state of Ohio, and Dr. Ben Carson still floats gently above the proceedings, too relaxed to actually drop out, possibly unaware he is still in the race.

And why should he quit? Why should any of them? Why shouldn’t Rubio pretend he now has the brass ring/One Ring nearly in his grasp? What exactly is improved by going the way of Christie, who resembled, to borrow from the words of P.G. Wodehouse, “some wild thing, caught in a snare” who has stopped fighting and begun to accept that he will soon be a rich woman’s coat? The mainstream GOP has been railing against Trump for months. They’ve made it a National Review cover, and a hashtag, and they still appear to be losing and losing hard. Nothing can touch Trump. But why give in yet? Who benefits? Only the appearance of party unity does.

If he really honest-to-God becomes the nominee, enough of the party will stand next to Christie and force back their tears. Still, there’s room for chaos. The GOP may actually be looking for and hoping for a brokered convention to save them from Trump’s dominance. That would mean regardless of the number of wins Trump captures he would have failed to get the needed 1,237 delegates to be assured the nomination.

And then things would get interesting. As bad as Trump and every single candidate for president truly are, there’s no harm in hoping for some mischief before we pinch the national nose and actually select a candidate. A brokered convention would at least keep the uncertainty up and the wailing and gnashing of teeth continuing into the summer. This is happening. We might as well salt the earth of the Republican Party while it does.

Trump is a disaster of a candidate for all sorts of substantial reasons. However, his presence is a shocking sign of how little people trust politicians and their parties. The billionaire is no outsider, and no friend to the little people or to small government principles or to any real ideology beyond Trumpism. We didn’t need him to cultivate Mexican and Muslim-hating, but maybe we do need him to help mess up the GOP. He’s done a hell of a job so far.

Lucy Steigerwald is a contributing editor for Twitter: @lucystag.

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