Just about any announcement from streetwear brand Supreme will inspire millennials to reflexively get in line. But a recent Instagram post from Supreme wasn’t designed to promote queues at its stores on Lafayette St in New York or North Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles. Instead it was meant to get the brand’s three million Instagram followers to line up and vote, and more specifically, vote for Hillary Clinton.

In an election that will largely come down to demographic voting blocs, Supreme wanted to make sure that the streetwear contingent turned up at the polls on election day. The image shows Supreme skater Sage Elsesser holding up an “I voted” while flanked by fellow skaters Alex Olson, Jason Dill, and Tino Razo. The caption reads: “This might be the most important decision of your life, make it count. Go Vote Tuesday, November 8th. #imwithher #fucktrump”

This is not the first time Supreme has inserted itself into the political debate. During George W. Bush’s presidency, the brand created stickers that read “Fuck Bush” with the same white Futura Bold Italic typeface and red background as its famous box logo design.

While millennial males who buy lots of sneakers (a.k.a. hypebeasts, a.k.a. fuccbois) may not be the most important contingent to political strategists, the Clinton campaign must have appreciated the endorsement as it continued its appeal to young voters with events like Jay Z’s concert in Ohio over the weekend.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada and Instagram at @justin_tejada.