Surgeon Simulator is a goofy game in which players attempt to perform surgery on patients with a hand that works about as well as if you’d just downed a bucket of tranquilizers. And now players can apply their horrible amateur invasive medical practices to help determine what’s actually inside Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

Bossa Studios, the developer of Surgeon Simulator, has just released a free content add-on for players who own Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition that puts Candidate Trump on your operating table. While he’s there, your job is to perform some open-heart surgery on him. It’s a transplant, and what goes back in when you close him up is your call: either a heart of gold, or a heart of stone.

The results of the surgically democratic poll of just what’s inside Trump are being posted on Bossa’s website, so you can see how other wish-they-were-doctors are voting — so far, it’s just shy of 60 percent to 40 percent for the “Stoneheart” camp. And if you don’t have Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition or have an old version of the game, you can get the upgraded version, and the Trump downloadable content, at a huge discount.

Via Polygon.