Yesterday, as angel-magnet aficionado Kim Davis was freed from prison, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee organized a welcome-home rally on her behalf. And as he led a tearful Davis onto the stage, Eye of the Tiger was blasted over the PA system:

The only problem (actually, there are several problems, but I digress) is Huckabee’s crew played the song without permission. Now Survivor, the band behind the 1980s ballad, is considering a lawsuit. As TMZ explains:

Survivor front man Frankie Sullivan is outraged Mike Huckabee carted out the freshly-freed Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to their song, “Eye of the Tiger,” and we’ve learned the group is now considering a lawsuit.

The group is hedging on its plan of attack, but the band’s rep tells us they are determined to protect the integrity of their music.

Protect the integrity of the music? It was written for the Rocky III soundtrack.

How much integrity can a song have when it’s in a movie with Mr. T?

Why won’t someone shoot another lion so we can move on from this story.

(Sources: TMZ, H/T: Uproxx)