We would never recommend that you show up to work smelling like beer. But for those of you who truly DGAF, Swag Brewery’s beer soap is the perfect addition to your grooming arsenal. Swag makes its all-natural soaps with actual craft beer and describes the smell as either “spicy, roasty or fruity depending on the variety of soap.” Choose from Belgian Witbier (made with witbier, orange peel and coriander), Vanilla Porter (made with porter and vanilla), Apricot Wheat (made with apricot wheat beer and walnut shells), Honey Pilsner (made with pilsner, honey and crushed oats), Honey Stout (made with oatmeal stout, crushed oats, honey and milk) or the hardcore IPA (made IPA beer and ground hops). Each bar costs $8 or get a 6-pack, one of each, for $42.