A bold, roasty mix of chocolate, peanut butter, and religious exclamation has just been yanked from the shelves. You’ll no longer be able to find Sweet Baby Jesus! beer at any of Heinen’s 22 stores across Ohio and Illinois. The Midwestern grocery chain stopped selling the porter after two months, due to customers complaining about its “offensive” name.

The uproar isn’t new. The porter’s been removed from military bases before, but it always wound up restocked after a few weeks.

Yet, the stir was never Duclaw Brewery’s intention.

“We liked the phrase [Sweet Baby Jesus], saud Duclaw founder Dave Benfield, “which at least to us, is a phrase of excitement or astonishment.”

“It’s not meant to be offensive. It’s not meant to be derogatory,” he continued. “If we thought we’d stepped over the line and offended people, we probably wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

You’re still able to find the excitingly named beer in eight states, including Ohio, where it turns out the locals were plenty pumped to try to the beer last month.

Eh, Jesus was a wine guy Himself anyway.