It was only a matter of time before BMW threw their hat into the four-door coupe ring. The Munich automaker had to have seen the hype brought on by the Porsche Panamera, Audi A7 and the Mercedes CLS. Their long-awaited entry into this upscale niche class, the elegant, high-performance 640i Gran Coupe, doesn’t disappoint. Unlike the polarizing design of the Panamera, it’s hard to imagine anyone taking a dislike to the seductive, sleek, athletic Gran Coupe. The elongated hood and pushed-back passenger cabin give the Gran Coupe an eye-catching profile that seems perfectly balanced, more akin to the CLS’s smoothly raked hoodline than the Panamera and A7 with their distinctively asymmetrical back ends. Head-on, the shark-nose contours of the hood, flattened kidney grille and broad air vents lend a muscular, aggressive feel.

The stunning design mates well with the powerful 315-horsepower TwinPower Turbo V6, which unleashes a 0-60 sprint in 5.4 seconds. If that’s not quick enough, BMW will soon follow up with the 650i Gran Coupe, equipped with a 4.4-liter V8, producing 445 horsepower and a blistering 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds. Both models will be available with optional xDrive all-wheel drive, which splits power between the front and rear axles to optimize stability and traction. Drivers will also be able to control handling and performance via the Driving Dynamics Control system. The options, which include Comfort+, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Eco Pro, adjust automotive settings in the direction of comfort, performance or fuel economy.

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All this beauty and power comes with a hefty price tag. Unlike the Audi A7, BMW’s 640i Coupe lands squarely in the rarefied air of a Porsche Panamera. Once you add on the various packages most buyers will select (Driver Assistance Package with head-up display, parking assistant, etc.: $3,700; Luxury Seating Package: $3,600; M Sport Package with 19- or 20-inch M double spoke wheels and M aerodynamic kit: $4,200, or $5,500 if you go for the 20s) and other options, the 640i or 650i price will spike around six figures or beyond. Is it worth it? Well, that depends on how much you value owning one of the most beautiful, dynamic cars on the road.

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