Nudity has always been an important part of art. The statue of David features a penis. There’s countless pictures of naked women in oil paintings for centuries. So you’d think society would be used to seeing the human form in all its glory.

Well, it’s not. A Swiss woman was recently arrested for taking naked selfies with tourists near the Eiffel Tower. Milo Moiré is a performance artist who’s known for doing outrageous public acts. One of her most famous works was when she got naked and pushed multi-colored eggs out of her vagina. Taking nude pictures in public seems far less scandalous compared to that.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Unfortunately, the authorities did not see it the same way. After she had been approaching people and taking photos with them, cops showed up and ordered her to get dressed and led her away. Public nudity in France is punishable with up to a year in jail and/or a €15,000 (about $16,500) fine. According to the Telegraph, artists are usually not subjected to these punishments. But there are (apparently) designated public areas where nudity is allowed, which Moiré did not follow.

Moiré put on the same performance in Switzerland last month and received no harassment from authorities. We live in dark times when France is the country trying to squash sexual freedom.

The Swiss artist spent the night in jail and will find out today whether or not charges will be filed against her. We can only assume the Parisian people are rioting in the streets to protest this censorship in classic Lés Miserables fashion.

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