We’ve got an interesting mix of trailers for you this week, from potential blockbuster to prestige indie dramas to a couple of new comedy series you’ll be wanting to stream soon. So, let’s just dive right in…

We’ve seen trailers for Creed before, but this one is special because it plays up the role of Rocky Balboa as mentor figure. It’s fascinating to see this relationship, and how it mirrors Rocky’s own with Burgess Meredith’s Mickey.

This new Amazon comedy might feel like just another coming-of-age story when you just examine the premise, but as the trailer lets us get to know the quirky characters surrounding the titular country club, it looks more and more fun.

In what’s almost certainly her heaviest post-Potter role yet, Emma Watson stars in this film based on the actual events of a military coup in Chile in 1973. Watson’s character Lena and her husband (Daniel Bruhl) are torn apart by the chaos, and she must risk everything to try and get him back. If this works out, it might be time to start talking about some Oscar nominations for Watson.

Well, it’s not exactly the Mr. Show revival we were hoping for, but Bob Odenkirk, David Cross and all of their friends are back doing sketches this fall in a new Netflix series.

In the second full trailer for this Oscar-bait drama from writer Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle, we dig even deeper into the mysteries of Jobs himself (Michael Fassbender), including his relationship with his estranged daughter, his co-workers, and his friend Steve Wozniak.

Yeah, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around why this remake needed to happen, too. But yeah, there are some pretty spectacular stunt shots in this trailer.