Easily the best thing about the huge open worlds created by developer Bethesda Softworks are the creative and clever modifications made by players after those games are released. Like this one, that makes one of your companion characters look like Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear.

That’s Paladin Danse, a guy you can recruit to hang out with you from the Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout’s fascist military force whose goal is hoarding technology to make sure humanity never again blows itself up with said technology. Danse wears Fallout’s signature power armor all through the game, so the enterprising modder Thrashitlizard took the next logical step and decked it out to look like Buzz’s space suit. You can download the mod for PC here.

The best part of all this? You can “romance” Danse in the game, provided your “Charisma” stat is high enough. Meaning you get to have awkward flirting sessions with a slightly boring, button-down version of a fictional toy from a movie (and even enjoy the light implication that maybe sex happened between your character and him if you sleep in a bed). You just need a little imagination. To infinity and beyond, indeed.