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Take Shelter: ‘Fallout 4’ Announcement is Finally Incoming

Take Shelter: ‘Fallout 4’ Announcement is Finally Incoming:

After years of clamoring for (and being duped by fake) tidbits of Fallout 4 information, the internet collectively gasped in exaltation this morning.

Bethesda has teased a new Fallout game, and there’s no mistaking it for a hoax this time.

The developer of Fallout 3 and Skyrim dropped a nuclear bomb in the form of a teaser site at, featuring a countdown timer and the iconic “Please Stand By” card from the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise. The timer runs out some time tomorrow, presumably when the big announcement will surely blow enough minds to make a wasteland of the gaming community.

Granted, teasers for announcements of games are bullshit—just announce the game if you’re going to bother at all—but Fallout 4 is a big enough deal to warrant an exception.

There hasn’t been a new Fallout game since 2010, when developer Obsidian released Fallout: New Vegas. Before that, it was 2008’s Fallout 3 from Bethesda itself, which turned the aged PC series into an award-winning blockbuster.

This isn’t the first time Fallout-teasing countdown timers have appeared on the Internet, but for once this is the real deal. Bethesda’s Twitter feeds mentioned the teaser site, and the company is putting on a big E3 press conference for the first time later this month. Looks like it’s safe to get your hopes up for the end of the world.

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