With its upcoming giant expansion, Destiny is poised to shake up everything, from how players advance through the game to the voice of the robot who tells them what to do.

That counts for the story, too, as The Taken King looks like it’ll be The Empire Strikes Back to the original game’s A New Hope. There’s a lot of fighting, a lot of anguish, some cool shots of ship-to-ship space battles, and what looks like a weapon of mass destruction wiping out … something.

Yes, please, sounds good, Destiny.

Story isn’t the only thing developer Bungie is shifting into a different gear, though. As Game Informer reported, The Taken King is making huge alterations even to how new players work through the game. So if you’ve been waiting to check out Destiny, good for you—the first year has been like one big quality assurance test, and it seems like that quality will go up significantly with The Taken King in September.