Almost 30 years ago, Tales From The Crypt slithered its way onto HBO and redefined the genre of horror. A grittier take on The Twilight Zone, Tales would guide you through all manner of gleefully horrifying stories. M. Night Shyamalan credits the show with helping develop his interest in sordid source material, and now the filmmaker, who has had a recent career revival with his acclaimed hit Split (read our review here), will helm the show for TNT. There is some disagreement on the role Shyamalan will play, with some publications implying he will host a la Rod Serling and others speculating that the Crypt Keeper will host the series.

The above trailer keeps most of the story details under wraps, but it does offer the tantalizing suggestion that the lovable Crypt Keeper will, in fact, return. As the host of the show, the Crypt Keeper has always functioned as a “dark Walt Disney"—that is of course, if Walt Disney was a walking corpse with a bone-chilling cackle.

The series is due out in 2017 but does not yet have a concrete release date.