A few years ago, Reddit user PotassiumArsenic and his partner spent their Valentine’s in a seemingly innocuous way: binge-watching House of Cards. Except one thing made it a bit less innocent—his partner was handcuffed the entire time.

For kinky couples across the nation, Valentine’s Day is a chance to branch out and bring some exciting new activities into a relationship. These women took it to the next level and used sexy Valentine’s Day surprises as a way to introduce some kink (or quirk) into their sex life.

“We went out to eat for dinner one Valentine’s Day, and I switched into just my bra and underwear in the bathroom. Then I put on my trench coat and met him back at our table. We paid the check, and I let him figure it out once we were in the car.” –Jennifer Fliss, Seattle

Reddit user schwarz_infernus knows rope bondage is one of her partner’s biggest fantasies, so for Valentine’s Day they’re going to a hotel, and she’s surprising him with a rope rigging tied up underneath her clothes.

“I’m giving him three days of lingerie. Tonight, black lace stockings and a garter under my dress for our Valentine’s dinner, so I can tease him all night! Tomorrow, a racy strappy teddy. And Sunday, a sexy, teeny tiny maid outfit.” –Reddit user fuckinhateyou

Reddit user blindfoldedsurprise’s wife got him the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day last year. The two had talked about pegging and his wife really taking control and grinding into him. So for the day’s fun, she blindfolded and restrained him. She had her way with him using a dildo and then called in backup. Before blindfoldedsurprise knew it, he was being taken by another man—and loving it. When she finally allowed the blindfold off, he was surprised to see the special guest was his good friend. His wife and the friend had discussed it the night before and planned the entire evening.

“I surprised my partner with a sexy dance set to music. I’m not trained as a dancer, and I’m pretty embarrassed about my dancing abilities, [but] it was something she’d always talked about wanting. Normally, I only dance if I’m in a crowded group at a nightclub or bar where tons of people are dancing and it’s dark. It was really empowering to surprise her with a song and a hot dance.” –Alaina Leary, Boston

“I’m organizing a kinky photo shoot for us. Twist surprise: I’ll be dressed up as Wendy Darling because she was his first kinky inkling. Then I’ll print out his favorite shot!” –Reddit user esmeemabelle

Redditor inseminationstation wants her husband to know she completely belongs to him—so for Valentine’s Day, she’s designing a “receipt” for the purchase of her, showing that he owns her.

“I’m making a bunch of brownies for him, then I’m going to sculpt them to look like poops and put them in a heart-shaped tin. He really likes poop, so he’ll be very pleased.” –Reddit user cutiepoops

STAYING MYSTERIOUS A friend of Redditor suddenlybunnies gave their partner a sensory deprivation erotic massage for Valentine’s Day—meaning, restraints, earplugs and a blindfold, so only the sense of touch was amplified.