Does the rising power of a corrupt demagogue, a really shitty looking Power Rangers reboot and the diarrhea deluge of uninteresting content on your newsfeed piss you off? If any of this is the case, this offer to couples from the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service to take care of a preserved island off the coast of Tasmania in exchange for a house and a job may be the answer.

As the only caretakers of Maatsuyker Island, a 460-acre isle six miles off the south coast of Tasmania, your duties will be to maintain the grounds and the island itself. The lighthouse has become automated, so no need to worry about that. The application encourages that you apply as a couple, or with a super close friend, as there basically has to be someone else around to make sure you don’t slip and fall off the edge of a cliff.


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You get to live and work at a remote, beautiful island with either your significant other or BFF: What’s the catch?

After some brief digging through the nine page application, you’ll find the bigger picture. The application asks only applicants to apply if they have “demonstrated experience living and working for extended periods in a remote, isolated and climatically challenging locations with limited outside support.”

So basically don’t do this if you couldn’t surive without Wi-Fi or cable for six months and get weirded out by the idea of camping.

There is beauty to this job though, as the island is a sanctuary of natural life. It is a designated “important bird area” along with it also being a hub for seals. Four slots are available for a period of six months over the next two years. Applications close on January 30th, so get your best lies in order regarding your survival experience.