Even if you don’t watch the BBC America sci-fi drama Orphan Black, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about its extraordinary star Tatiana Maslany, who’s been snubbed by the Emmys two years in a row now for her stunning portrayal of multiple clones with very different personalities and lives.

Maslany’s fans still love her even if the Emmys don’t, though, and they proved it by turning out in force for her Reddit AMA this week. The whole thing is certainly worth reading if you’re a fan, but one particular answer really deserves to be highlighted. When asked for the favorite movies of each of her five main clone characters, Maslany demonstrated a deep understanding of the roles she plays and came up with some very spot-on choices.

Cosima’s favorite movie is JURASSIC PARK. Alison’s favorite movie is WEST SIDE STORY. Helena’s favorite movie is CINDERELLA. And Sarah’s favorite movie is LA HAINE. Rachel’s favorite movie is CASABLANCA.

If you watch the show, you know those answers actually line up quite well with the various personalities and themes at work between these characters. So, now when you’re out of Orphan Black episodes to watch, you can dig into these films and dream of clones.

Head over to Reddit to read the rest of Maslany’s answers, including which Doritos flavor each of the clones would be.