Taylor Swift is such a treasure.

I know she has her supporters and she has her haters. I would never classify myself as a fan of hers, since I don’t much care for her music, but I think that she is absolutely incredible. She just seems like the most genuinely kind and caring person, and either that’s the truth or, if I’m wrong, I don’t want to know about it. Ignorance is bliss and I want to die thinking that Taylor Swift bought Christmas presents for her fans.

You know what I love more than Taylor Swift, though? Dogs! I get along better with dogs than I do with humans. So, you’ll understand why I loved this video of these dogs messing with Taylor while she’s just trying to tan.

Dog struggles.

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I don’t know if I’m more of the “small, stomping on titties” type or the “big, face-licking” type. Which dog would you be?

Smiling because Columbus, OH.

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Glendale, AZ Night 1!

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Thanks Edmonton– tonight was insanely fun and I can’t wait to be back on your stage tomorrow night!

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