I love Taylor Swift as much as the next guy, but I must admit it does get a little bit annoying how G-rated she is. Sure, she’s prone to showing off some legs at award shows, but for the most part Taylor keeps a pretty squeaky-clean image. That’s all fine and well, but when my job is to write about the hottest women on the planet and one of the absolute finest ones is constantly all covered up, it gets a bit frustrating.

That is, until now. Taylor took to Instagram yesterday to post some pretty out-of-character bikini pics. Not only were there bikini pics, but they were super personal as well, displaying affection for her boyfriend Calvin Harris (and even using his real name, Adam Wiles, when writing their initials in the sand). Is this a sign of the new Taylor Swift? Is she finally at that age where she’s going to start letting her wild side out a bit more? Here’s hoping!


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Her boyfriend also posted some pics of his own:

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