It’s nice to see Taylor Swift finally get the attention that she deserves. After slaving away for years, trying her absolute hardest to just make some music for a couple people to enjoy, she’s finally starting to see the preverbial light at the end of the tunnel. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, if you will.

I’m of course referring to the fact that GQ is finally putting Tay-Tay on the cover of their next issue. After appearing in literally every single magazine on earth, making headlines on every website on the Internet, and being arguably the largest star on this planet for what seems like an eternity already, GQ finally decided to hop on the bandwagon. Hey, better late than never!

In the interview, Taylor talks to Chuck Klosterman about everything from paparazzi to Kanye West. The images, which are sure to be stunning, were taken by Michael Thompson. For now, we only have the cover to stare at. Straight from T-Swift’s 50-million-follower Instagram page, here it is:

And here are some other fun pics (and video) from her Instagram:

Thanks for an excellent night, St. Louis! See you again tomorrow night!!!

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Dog struggles.

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