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This Teacher Was Fired After Her Past Life as an Adult Film Star Was Revealed

This Teacher Was Fired After Her Past Life as an Adult Film Star Was Revealed: Daily Mail

Daily Mail

We all had that teacher growing up. You know, the one who was maybe a little bit younger than the rest of the faculty. Maybe her skirt was always a little bit shorter than it should be. Maybe, when the bell rang, you had to carry your books in front of you to hide your shame. Well, imagine being that kid again, and finding out that the teacher you’re enamoured with can be found on the Internet, taking her clothes off and having sex with someone? Yeah, I’d be pretty excited too.

Czech Teacher 1

Daily Mail

That’s exactly what happened to this Czech teacher, who was just fired because a parent of one of her students discovered her video and reported it to the school. Obviously, it wasn’t the student who reported it to the school, since he was probably “busy” with it.

Czech Teacher 2

Daily Mail

The video, which depicts the un-named woman rubbing oil on herself and having sex with a, um, well-endowed man, was made public a couple of days ago. Now, the woman is claiming that she was drugged and did not give her consent.

Czech Teacher 4

Daily Mail

She said, “I was looking for an extra job and I found some advertisement looking for toned figures for a photo shooting. I thought it was for underwear. I think they drugged me with cocaine. I am sure that something was there. My behavior was changing and I felt very relaxed and comfortable. I would not be able to do something like this in normal circumstances.” Sounds to me like she did a bunch of cocaine and had sex on camera and now regrets it.

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