Sure, your tattoo of a dragon breathing fire across your back is pretty awesome, but what if you could get a functioning computer circuit board tattooed on your back, complete with blinking lights and an actual animated fire stream coming from that dragon’s mouth?

You just may be able to do that sooner than you think, now that electric paint can be painted on the skin to conduct electricity.

As they are now, “Tech Tats” are temporary tattoos that can do everything from light up to track your physical well being. In a video demonstration published by Mashable, they show an artist painting on “wires” that complete a circuit and ignite LED lights to do everything from flashing to little animations.

The creators say that the tattoos aren’t necessarily just for looks, either. They already have a stick-on sensor device that can measure and report body temperature, and they say that more sensors like that are in the works to even communicate with your doctor or others to monitor well being. Everyone from sick children to diabetics would probably welcome an easier way to track health.

It’s hoped that the technology will become widespread enough to bring prices down to the point that you’ll be able to buy stick-on tattoos at the drugstore, pull up an app on your smartphone and monitor your health and other data points.

Tech Tats look to be a clever alternative to many wearables, especially those worn by athletes to monitor everything from heart rate to breathing patterns. Given their unobtrusive nature, a simple painted-on tattoo isn’t going to get in the way of running, swinging a bat, or riding a bike, for instance.

On the artistic side, of course, light-up tattoos are something to behold. Here’s hoping they become more widely available at a rave near you.