If there’s one thing that never ends well, it’s complaining about your job on social media. Cella was supposed to start a job at a pizza shop in Texas, but apparently wasn’t too thrilled about it according to this tweet.

The franchise owner got wind of her feelings and and posted his first tweet since 2009 to let her know that she actually doesn’t have a “fuck ass job” to start tomorrow.

The internet quickly caught wind of it and tweets started pouring in of people asking how dumb you have to be to get fired via Twitter before you’d even started a job. Some were in disbelief if it was really the franchise owner, but that was quickly cleared up.

Not that it really helped the situation, but former employees jumped in to criticize the pizza shop, but the owner had no problem responding back with some zingers of his own.

It would be nice to say that she learned her lesson from the whole incident, but based on her last tweet, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

Ah to be young and living at home completely depending on your parents with no comprehension of consequences for your actions again, am I right?