Three innovative teenagers just made sex a lot flashier—and safer. The three British boys, only 13 and 14 years old, have come up with a condom that glows upon detecting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during intercourse.

Hailing from London’s Isaac Newton Academy, Daanyaal Ali, Muaz Nawaz, and Chirag Shah took top prize at modern science fair TeenTech with their bright invention, the S.T.EYE condom. The cleverly designed (and named) prophylactic identifies STIs that may be present by using fluorescent molecules that attach to common bacteria and viruses. When used, the condom could glow green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, and blue for syphilis.

There condom is “very much a concept" and “not a finalized design,” according to a TeenTech rep. Many exciting questions loom, though. Will this detect STIs in both wearer and partner? Is a unisex version of the contraceptive on the horizon? How awkward is the conversation going to be when that thing lights up? Do you just fake a cough and quietly gather your things?

Bring on the future.