Streaming-TV players such as Roku changed how we watch television.
Good-bye, channel surfing. Hello, binge watching. Roku’s first TV $599, is a 48-inch, 1080p high-def set with built-in Roku functionality. Watch streaming apps, control everything from your smartphone and let your cable box collect dust.

Cables can ruin even the most perfect TV spot.
Dish Network’s Wireless Joey, $7 a month, cuts the cables by wirelessly streaming HD video over a fast 802.11ac network. Leave your Dish receiver in the den, connect Wireless Joey to a TV in the backyard and watch the game while manning the grill.

A pile of remotes is just one side effect of a modern entertainment system.
Simplify with the Harmony Ultimate $350, a programmable remote that can control up to 15 devices including your sound system, TV and more. Push WATCH TV on the 2.4-inch color screen and you won’t have to move again.

Netflix announced plans to produce and stream all new original programming in 4K, the bigger, better version of high-def TV. Get in early with the Vizio P-Series Ultra HD $1,000, a 50-inch LCD that cranks out four times the pixels of your current 1080p HDTV. House of Cards deserves nothing less.