Batman/Bruce Wayne is going to have to make some gray-area moral choices starting in August—and not just about how many bones he should break in a perpetrator’s body at one time.

Telltale Games, the folks who’ve made a serious name for themselves in recent years with games that put a big focus on story, are going after the Dark Knight with an episodic Batman series. You can get a sense of the story in the new trailer above. Spoiler alert: Bruce Wayne is going to have a hard time being Batman. Again. Seriously, being Batman is very difficult.

We also get an idea of where the story will lead Gotham City from the trailer. From the sounds of things, Bruce is going to have to make some tough choices: Does he accept the help of mobsters to get Harvey Dent elected district attorney, which he believes will be good for the city? Or does he try to bring down the Carmine Falcone and the rest of mob as Batman, but risk Dent’s campaign? There will surely be lots of morally compromised possibilities for Bruce before the end.

Don’t worry, though. Looks like you’ll still get to break a few bones as Batman along the way, too.