Developer Telltale Games’ story focused titles keep pulling down critical and commercial success, leading to the studio taking on licenses such as HBO’s enormously popular Game of Thrones and comics such as Fables. 2016 will see Telltale release a Batman game and a new The Walking Dead game, and we got new info about both last night.

Telltale showed off a teaser trailer for the new Walking Dead game last night during The Game Awards, the online-only successor to the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Unlike Telltale’s other Walking Dead games, which have featured characters from the comics but actually tell a tangent story about other folks in the zombie apocalypse, this one focuses directly on Michonne, one of the characters from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series.

If you’re familiar with the comics or the AMC TV show, you’ll know Michonne as the samurai sword-wielding ass-kicker who went around with a pair of zombies in chains. It looks like Telltale’s game will tell Michonne’s origin story, which would set it before her arrival in the comic book series. It’ll also be a three-part miniseries, rather than one of Telltale’s usual five-episode offerings.

Telltale also announced its Batman title during the awards show. There aren’t many details available yet, but we do know the game will follow Telltale’s usual episodic formula, and it’ll focus on Bruce Wayne’s messed-up psyche in particular.

Both games are due in 2016. Telltale also announced another Game of Thrones series, and it has a game based on Marvel Comics properties coming in 2017, too. So if you like Telltale’s brand of narrative full of tough moral choices for characters to make along the way, good news! There’s a helluva lot more of it on the way.