Whiskey-flavored bacon is now a delicious reality.

Scott Bush, president of Templeton Rye in Iowa, had a dream: to raise a crop of pigs on spent rye mash (leftovers from the distilling process), infusing the pork with the flavor of his precious whiskey. Earlier this year he did just that, rearing 25 Duroc piglets on corn and soybean feed containing 20 percent mash. Before slaughter this summer, the pigs were 210 pounds each and probably drunk as hell.

When word got out about the project, the distillery received more than 200 orders from four countries. Most of the $700 pigs went to restaurants across the Midwest, which held lavish tastings. The lucky eaters described the novelty pork as fatty and flavorful, even if it didn’t taste all that much like whiskey.

Bush is planning on raising two more batches of whiskey-pigs next year and may expand his project to include tragically sober turkeys, chickens and cows.

(Via Popular Mechanics)

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