Photo via [Kellie Parker/ Flickr Creative Commons](

Photo via Kellie Parker/ Flickr Creative Commons

Chris Sevier is not a fan of gay marriage.

Last week the Tennessee-based lawyer brought a federal lawsuit against the District Clerk of Harris County, Texas, the state’s governor and attorney general, demanding that the Lone Star State recognize his right to marry a porn-filled laptop.

It’s all part of an elaborate legal trolling campaign that Sevier hopes will “make the Federal Court’s (sic) ‘put up or shut up’ about expansion of the equal protection clause to include 'sexual orientation.’

Of course, the fact that Sevier chose an inanimate object to marry makes the whole stunt pointless since marriage requires two parties. The laptop argument makes no logical sense. It’s too stupid to be taken seriously.

Sevier has filed similar suits in other states. He’s also filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of making products that enable his porn addition, because, more than anything, this is an individual who uses both his and other people’s time well.

Source: Boston Globe/Houston Press