When Terry Crews popped up as thoughtful bodyguard Lonny Church in The Newsroom’s first season, it was kind of disorienting. He was mellow yet quick, at-peace yet ready to fight. But the reason it threw you to see Crews so calm was because he had made a name for himself as a goofball (Everybody Hates Chris, etc), an action hero (The Expendables, etc), and the most strangely engaging spokesman ever (Old Spice commercials). In truth, though, Terry Crews is even mellower in real life. At home, he’s really, really calm. He’s also the chillest, coolest dad who is building his very own gaming PC.

It’s a pretty serious rig he plans to build too. The dude did his research. Crews wasn’t always a gamer though. He explains that he only really got into the hobby after playing Battlefield with Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx at a press event, claiming to be instantly hooked. The Verge’s Rich McCormick describes it as one of the cutest moments for a man built like he could dunk a skyscraper.

MCCORMICK: “I was actually there to witness the birth of his new fascination, at the EA pre-E3 event he describes in Los Angeles last month. Where I saw Jamie Foxx ragequit after a few minutes of ineffective sniping, Crews stood at his monitor the whole time, cheering, gasping, and grinning his way through the trenches of 1910s France.”

But the homemade computer project didn’t just come about solely out of his love for gaming, though it’s hard to imagine a more enthusiastic player; Crews wants more hang time with his “big gamer” son. To Crews, it’s as much about parenting as it is about a hobby.

Still, given that Crews is known for having the physique of a god who’s half sprinter and half weightlifter, some were inevitably concerned about his passion for the sit-down timesuck that can be gaming. But as a comeback, Crews simply carries the best philosophy.

CREWS: “My thing is, there’s nothing wrong with gaming. There’s nothing wrong with video games, all that stuff. I make sure I stay physical also, but it’s a fun world. It’s really, really fun.”